Branding agency Garden re brand an legend


Branding agency Garden rebrand Janes, the global defence intelligence agency. Starting with a full brand audit, leadership and stakeholder interviews and industry research, we defined a clear strategic path that saw Janes change their direction from being known as a publisher of military magazines and yearbooks, to a forward thinking intelligence agency specialising in delivering relevant, unbiased defence data.

A competitor and industry study told us that many colours had been taken up, however orange was a stand out opportunity. Plus after exploring the colour palettes associated with the military sector, orange felt fresh and contemporary, it reflected their new brand values and with a base of slate grey, it provides Janes with a balance of technology and strength. We felt that a strong symbol would be the right direction,  which lead us to use the letter ‘J’ in a way that felt like a stamp or authority to reflect it’s importance, as well as a subtle hint to the traditional stencil lettering of past military and defence typography.

, Branding agency Garden re brand an legend
Janes defence rebrand.

A six month program saw us take their team through the branding process, from brand strategy through to creation, and then on to implementation. This included website IA, wireframes and page design, a series of brand and capability videos, full brand and technical guidelines, a brand extranet, trademark advice, stationery design and template creation, PPT design and Microsoft template creation, and even their masthead for their publications.

From the moment of launch, it has very well received by the Janes team and the defence industry world wide.

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